Water breaking: when and how to recognize it?

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When you lose your water, a woman usually notices it: the classic sensation is that of a cup of water pouring on her underwear, in such an amount as to soak a sanitary napkin and require frequent changes of sanitary pads. Even when you go to the bathroom, you still get a feeling of 'water coming out'. Here are some tips from gynecologist Rossana to recognize the moment when the waters break.

If the losses are not very abundant ...

If, on the other hand, the quantity is not so abundant and continuous, there are two possibilities.

... this may be normal vaginal discharge ...

Sometimes the loss of clear fluid and the feeling of wet on the panties can also be due to vaginal discharge, which during the whole pregnancy and especially at the end of pregnancy can be quite abundant (in medical terms we speak of hydrorrhea). It is a physiological phenomenon, due to a greater vaginal secretion.

… Or a 'high' rupture of the amniotic sac.

Or there may have actually been a loss of amniotic fluid, but the rupture of the sac did not occur at the part of the baby that presses on the uterine neck (usually the head or bottom), but in a high area. In this case the losses are less intense and often decrease until they stop simply by resting. Sometimes the gynecologist recommends drugs that reduce uterine contractility, so as to decrease the pressure of the fluid on the membranes.

What to do when the waters run out?

If the loss is profuse, it is necessary to go to the hospital, where the rupture of the amniotic sac will be confirmed.

If you have a watery leak clear, scarce and non-smelling, you can try to change the panty liner or the sanitary napkin and see if, while standing, the loss recurs and to what extent.

If you continue to feel wet, you should go to the hospital where, with a simple swab (PROM Test) you can ascertain whether it is actually amniotic fluid or not.

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