Wateriness, ailments in the pool? No thanks

Wateriness, ailments in the pool? No thanks

Carrara consultant, hydrokinesiologist and head of the Novate Inacqua center in the city

Without prejudice to the opinion of the pediatrician, who will necessarily have to release the mandatory medical certificate of suitability, the pool does not present particular risks. Certainly not that of drowning, given the watchful eye of the teachers and lifeguards, who are added to those of the parents in the courses of the little ones, in which their presence in the water is required.

For colds, on the other hand, contrary to what one might think, the swimming pool could even be a cure-all. The humid environment favors the hydration of the airways and facilitates breathing even in case of cold or light cough. Provided you avoid getting cold in the water (the temperature is important) and outside. Read also Sport, watch out for ailments

Two bathrobes are recommended: one to dry and cover the baby just out of the tub, on the way to the changing room and showers. And the other, which remains clean and dry, to be worn after a shower. It is also good to wear layered clothing: a heavy one in winter, to be taken off as soon as you enter indoors, to calmly take off the subsequent layers in the dressing room, until you remain in costume.

For infants of diaper age there are special diapers that can be worn in the water, and waterproof costumes to put on top of the diaper itself. For older children, if they get cold, there are special thermal t-shirts and even small neoprene wetsuits to stay warm even in the tub. They are found in sports shops at affordable prices.

"Particular attention - says Carrara - must be paid to drying the inner cone of the ears, especially of the little ones". Finally, a wool hat in the winter months will allow you to go outside in complete tranquility.

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