Weaning, gruel with pumpkin

It's one of the ingredients I love in the fall. Its flavor in soups, with risotto but also in desserts smells of multicolored leaves and the scent of home. It is the ingredient that I am using most often in Lea's first meals. Because it is sweet, tasty, has notes ranging from walnut to chestnut, it can make any velvety creamy, it is easily digestible and is a concentrate of beta-carotene.

From Mantua to Neapolitan to butternut in our kitchen there have been several. But the one I prefer and I am using the most with Lea is thehokkaido which in addition to having a delicious flavor has all the advantage of small size, perfect to be consumed at once, it can also be used with the outer skin, thin, soft and tasty. In this way it is sufficient to wash it well on the outside and cut it into pieces, for example for a broth or a cream. And for the moment, reduce everything to a puree, including the zest.

It proves to be a valid ally to make even the most bitter vegetables (see spinach or herbs) sweet and pleasant, rather than to enrich and make afternoon snacks a little different from the usual. Try cooking it with apple, flavoring with a pinch of cinnamon and serve it just warm with a couple of teaspoons of yogurt. the same sweet base, with the addition of chocolate flakes and a spoonful of rum will make a great dessert for mum & dad.


  • 1 clove of hokkaido squash

  • 1 carrot (organic)

  • 40 g of corn flour (or in contrast to the sweet of buckwheat vegetables)

  • 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil

  • 1 bay leaf

  • 1 teaspoon of fresh growth


Wash the pumpkin slice well and remove the seeds. Scrape and wash the carrot: put the vegetables to cook in cold water (with a possible bay leaf that you will then remove) and turn off when they are soft (after about 50-60 minutes). Be careful that the water does not consume too much. Take back the vegetables and blend well.

Now add the masi flour, mix quickly with a whisk and mix. Add the fresh crescenza, turn, stir and serve. Read all the episodes of the weaning agenda

The author of the article and the photographer

Miralda Colombo she is a journalist and author of the blog www.ilcucchiainodialice.com, born on the occasion of the weaning of her daughter Alice and from which the recipe book for children "The spoon", ed. Gallucci. In recent months she has restarted the weaning adventure with her second child Lea and she has agreed to accompany the mothers of mymodernparents.com with practical advice, tricks and indications from the most accredited scientific societies on baby feeding. The photos are by Cevì (Cecilia Viganò), artist, photographer and illustrator graduated from the Brera Academy.

Read also the weaning guide of mymodernparents.com with the latest information from the scientific community. If you want to ask other mothers for advice, enter the forum in the Weaning section


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