Weaning, ideas for eating with your hands

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Manipulating, grasping with the little hands and "spaciugarsi" mouth, face and clothes. In the first months of weaning, it was revealed with Lea a way to make the moment of her baby food more pleasant (for her). And even now, a few months later, she loves having something in her hands: a piece of white bread, a carrot or a micro portion of Parmesan. Definitely, she is a staunch supporter of finger food. But I think she is not the only one among the children (um, let's add the adults too, personally everything that is finger is twice as good for me).

Let's start with a basic reason: eating for the little ones is not just a way to support and grow, but above all a tool to know and relate to the outside world. It is the first emancipation from us mothers: the hands, the sight, the aromas are just as fundamental as the mouth and taste.

This is why it is important to let our children free to explore: do not always offer the baby food in the saucer, with the spoon in your hands, commit yourself to be patient and let your imagination run wild in the preparation. You will find that drawing a smile on your plate is child's play.

After all, it's finger food! :-)

The recipe for self-weaning


  • 1 carotina
  • a handful of fresh or frozen peas
  • 1 potato
  • 1 small courgette
  • 1 clove of fennel
  • 30 g of slightly seasoned dairy-type cheese


Clean and wash the vegetables well, put them in the steamer basket and cook until soft. Take them and use them in small pieces with the cheese to decorate the child's plate. You can draw a face with eyes, smile or hair, or a green meadow with potato cloud. It will not be perfection entirely that will strike the baby, but the color and the possibility of grabbing so much beauty freehand.

The author of the article and the photographer


Miralda Colombo she is a journalist and author of the blog www.ilcucchiainodialice.com, born on the occasion of the weaning of her daughter Alice and from which the recipe book for children "The spoon", ed. Gallucci.

In recent months the weaning adventure with the second child Lea has started again and has agreed to accompany the mothers of mymodernparents.com with practical advice, tricks and indications from the most accredited scientific societies on baby feeding.

The photos are from Cevì (Cecilia Viganò), artist, photographer and illustrator graduated from the Brera Academy.

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