Weaning, the foods to avoid in the first 12 months

Weaning, the foods to avoid in the first 12 months

Avoid salt and sugar first of all. Someone might be tempted by the famous "pinch of" because the food tastes of little or nothing. Well, hold back. While it is true that a little taste before the year of dishes that contain salt or sugar can be a pleasant exception, it is also true that baby food does not need to be fixed. These are the ingredients, seasonal, perhaps organic, cooked in the right way, which will make your plates for the child unforgettable.

Un regular consumption of salt, before the year and in any case in the first two years of life, risks being an excessive load for the kidneys of the little ones, moreover, salt is already naturally contained in a series of foods (for example Parmesan) and children must learn to recognize and appreciate the natural flavors of foods.

Following this rule in weaning my first daughter, Alice, has helped limit the use of salt also in our dishes: pumpkin rather than potatoes or green beans or other vegetables, steamed and enjoyed without any addition, except a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, are already excellent in themselves.

Video: Salt in baby food

In this video, the dietician, Dr., talks about salt in children's diets. She explains when to start introducing it, which one to use and what are the risks of excessive salt consumption in children's nutrition.

Bandito, at least until the year and then used in small quantities, sugar: risks causing subsequent overweight e get the little ones used to looking for dessert. For biscuits, mini muffins or simply for the Lea-size fruit mousse, I replace it with 100% apple juice, agave syrup, mashed banana or plum, maple syrup or barley malt. Instead, it is necessary to wait a year for the introduction of honey, because if not well preserved it can cause infantile botulism.

Non the list of no, there is cow's milk: not to be used until 12 months, at least.

Cream and butter keep him company, while you can use, without excessive limits, The Yogurt: the white one, natural, with no added sugars.

Juices, ready-made teas are also banned: read the labels and you will notice that there is a small percentage of fruit compared to the rest. If you really want to offer a juice, prepare a smoothie in the case of fruit only or with the addition of yogurt. Read all the episodes of the weaning agenda

The author of the article and the photographer

Miralda Colombo she is a journalist and author of the blog www.ilcucchiainodialice.com, born on the occasion of the weaning of her daughter Alice and from which the recipe book for children "The spoon", ed. Gallucci. In recent months she has restarted the weaning adventure with her second child Lea and she has agreed to accompany the mothers of mymodernparents.com with practical advice, tricks and indications from the most accredited scientific societies on baby feeding. The photos are by Cevì (Cecilia Viganò), artist, photographer and illustrator graduated from the Brera Academy.

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