Weaning, what is needed in the kitchen

They told you about prodigious and indispensable homogenizers, the latest generation graters and baby food cooker sets that do everything, absolutely everything.

And you who have wanted a white ceramic apple grater or a set of colored spoons take advantage of the opportunity for a shopping without too many remorse.

In reality, you don't need much more for baby food than what your kitchen already houses. Because cooking for children requires simplicity and healthy and uncomplicated cooking. At the beginning you will only have to boil or stew (for example for cooking apples or pears), immediately after the introduction of the blended vegetables you can steam cook (to preserve the nutritional properties of the food as much as possible) or sauté.

Among the indispensable (which usually already lie, perhaps forgotten, in your drawers): a cutting board, a colander, a thick-bottomed saucepan for broths or stewing, a grater, a steamer basket, a vegetable mill (it is useful to pass vegetables or fruit and separate the pulp from the rest), a good blender (the ideal would be to combine a comfortable hand blender with an excellent food processor) and ice containers or mini jars (here, this for your mental survival, don't you want to prepare small portions of broth every day :-)?).

My plus: a little whip but really small (bought to cook with his big sister and turned out to be a real treat), perfect for mixing the baby food and avoiding annoying lumps; a ceramic vegetable peeler (which doesn't oxidize over time and shouldn't oxidize vegetables), one masher it's a porta pappa (personally I have a very comfortable one, with two separate compartments). Finally, a collection of tsp, from the one given at birth in silver to the one with colored polka dots, from the one in silicone to the one in wood, recovered during a trip.

Do you think there is something missing from the list? Do you already have everything available even before you have recovered the cradle for your baby? If so, I had no doubts. If not, you have an excuse to go out and do some shopping.

Piesse: I personally have never felt the need for homogenizers and sets for the baby food, but if someone wants to offer an alternative experience go ahead. I always have time to change my mind :-)

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Miralda Colombo she is a journalist and author of the blog www.ilcucchiainodialice.com, born on the occasion of the weaning of her daughter Alice and from which the recipe book for children "The spoon", ed. Gallucci. In recent months she has restarted the weaning adventure with her second child Lea and she has agreed to accompany the mothers of mymodernparents.com with practical advice, tricks and indications from the most accredited scientific societies on baby feeding.

The photos are from Cevì (Cecilia Viganò), artist, photographer and illustrator graduated from the Brera Academy.

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