Weaning, what to do if she refuses baby food or eats too much

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The child refuses baby food, how to behave

If you expect your baby to be enthusiastic in front of the first meals, you will probably be disappointed. Accustomed to the sweet taste of milk, but also to the warmth and softness of the mother's breast, it is easy for your baby to show a clear refusal to baby food for the first few times.

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Don't insist, but don't be discouraged. Try again the next day, with a lot of patience and following some precautions. Here are all the tips of prof. Vito Leonardo Miniello, professor of pediatric nutrition and dietetics at the University of the city.

  • Offer him the baby food with a smiling attitude, so that the child associates the meal with a happy moment and not with a 'battle' between him and his mother. He therefore tries not to get to the appointment with the food full of external tensions.

  • Always use the same spoon, perhaps in silicone, which does not give the cold sensation of steel.

  • Try making one baby food with a more fluid or less fluid consistency, in order to test your child's preferences a little at a time.

  • Don't insist on giving him certain foods: if he shows he likes rice cream and not corn and tapioca cream (or vice versa), respect his tastes. Only after a few days of 'running in', you can try again with another food.

  • Avoid distracting him with video or television: these are habits that can persist afterwards!

  • Turn a blind eye if the child 'messes' with his baby food: put a large plasticized bib (there are also some with sleeves), wear easily removable clothes and maybe have newspapers under the high chair, so you avoid having to collect sketches every moment of baby food.

And remember: these are apparently "difficult" moments, but you will miss them later ...

What if he eats too much?

If your child seems insatiable to you, do not fall into the temptation to fill it with many snacks: you would risk not only upsetting the rhythms of digestion, but also inculcating wrong habits, from a qualitative point of view (snacks, snacks, biscuits, etc.) and quantitative (the main meals are 3, with two snacks).

In any case, always consult your pediatrician who, by monitoring weight and height with specific graphs (growth curves), will avoid any dangerous "skids".

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Updated on 03.05.2022

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