What are the most hated baby nicknames?

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Choosing a name for your baby boy is always a challenge for parents, who juggle beautiful but uncommon boy names, popular baby girl names and even foreign names. After choosing it, however, many parents let themselves be tempted by the nickname. A cute nickname with which they get used (and also grandparents and uncles) to call the child. And no, the choice is not always the right one, in the sense that many pet names may seem affectionate at home, but if they go outside the home they can embarrass the child when he gets older! A survey was launched on Reddit to identify the most hated baby nicknames. They are in English, but their correspondent in Del Paeseno is also not bad. Here are the best (indeed, the worst).

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The most hated baby nicknames according to Reddit users

The survey on endearments and nicknames on Reddit, a very popular site on which you can find an answer to every question, arose from a question launched by a user. "What is the nickname you hate the most?". And there a storm of responses really broke out from people who, for decades, have brought with them the unhappy choices of their parents. Born in the family but then left outside the home, even when those children had grown up!

The least popular nicknames for children

  • bean: which in Del Paeseno means "bean"
  • little bean: which in Del Paeseno means "little bean"
  • peanut: the equivalent of "peanut" in Del Paeseno, but often translated as "peanut"
  • princesse: many users have declared that the terms associated with the world of princesses are often dull and hateful

Many users then said they hate the nicknames that come from the world of children's habits. Like ... poop. In American it can also have a nice sound (To poo is the verb) that Del Paesenizzato often becomes Pupù. And many parents use these terms as a term of endearment, which certainly has a sweet sound but the meaning is not quite the same thing! The same is true for "Puzzetta", "puzzoletta" or other terms of the sphere of smell and strong smells that often characterize children in early childhood.

Baby talk and endearments, because they are useful

The so-called baby talk includes that typical way of speaking to children when they are very young. The "Quantifying Sources of Variability in Infancy Research Using the Infant-Directed-Speech Preference" study published by Sage Journal confirmed that this type of language is universally understood by all children of the world. Also because they are associated with the mother figure who obviously transmits her tone of voice and her timbre with words, a powerful balm on newborns. So it is true that some nicknames like "Mickey Mouse" and "Green Bean" can be dull when the little one grows up but when he is a newborn they are very important to establish contact with his mother and father.

In general, nicknames should be eliminated in order not to become a family habit which then goes beyond the home. Children, to strengthen their own identity, they need to be called by their name. Obviously it does not apply to nicknames that arise from the original one used as diminutives (from Elena to Ele, for example), because they speed up conversation and promote intimacy. But calling a 6-year-old a "skunk" can sometimes lead to some discomfort. Better to avoid it, containing the desire to associate loving terms and nicknames with younger children. Instead, they benefit from this baby talk in many different ways, especially when they are newborns and need to listen to the voice of their parents to get an idea of ​​the world.

Fonti per questo articolo: Sage Journal, "Quantifying Sources of Variability in Infancy Research Using the Infant-Directed-Speech Preference"

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