What does the newborn see: can he distinguish lights and colors?

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Can the newborn distinguish shapes and colors? The baby's vision develops progressively, hand in hand with the brain's ability to decode the images that arrive through the eyes. In the first weeks of life, the baby's eye is able to see, but his brain cannot interpret the images and therefore the visual function is not very present.

From about 20 days of life the situation changes: the baby begins to clearly distinguish the mother's face and, at the end of the month and a half of life, is able to recognize it at a distance of about 30-40 centimeters from his gaze. From three to four months of life he distinguishes with precision the shapes of objects and to understand if they are more or less distant from her gaze. As for the colors, he sees them from the first weeks of life, but at least up to three to four months he can confuse them and not show particular preferences for one or the other. Later he may, however, find a certain color to his liking (for example, blue). Because you learn to recognize colors you have to wait 3-4 years.

#It is not true that up to the year of life the child does not see clearly and, therefore, does not know how to interpret the expressions (joy, sorrow, fear, anxiety and so on) that appear on the face of those in front of him. Already around five to six months of life he can understand the moods at first glance and respond adequately, laughing or remaining serious.

(Advice from the Paesena Society of Pediatric Primary Care)


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