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The term co-parenting has lately been increasingly used. But what exactly does it mean? To understand this, it should be emphasized that it derives from the English word coparenting, which refers to a situation in which adults share parenting duties towards a child.

The term Del Paeseno co-parenting is intended to describe the parental collaboration, that is, the set of behaviors and actions established and shared by the parental couple in order to guarantee the physical and psychological development of their children, even if the two parents do not live together.

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Co-parenting after a separation

Situations of co-parenting can occur after a separation, that is, when both parents are no longer together but remain involved in the life of the child, sharing time and responsibility. Many of them do not feel "single parents", but, in fact, "co-parents".

In fact, often the project of living as a couple or getting married is linked from the beginning to the desire to have a child, and there parental continuity it manifests itself more and more despite the tangle of unions and separations.

Therefore, when a separation occurs, in some situations parents and children will have to accept a very limited presence of the other parent, while other families will benefit not only from real sharing of time, but also from assiduous collaboration in making decisions and sharing. responsibilities, thereby ensuring the well-being of children.

«Co-parenting is the keystone of shared custody (or alternate residence); the correct functioning of the formula and the level of parental satisfaction depend on it, ”says the Canadian writer Claudette Guilmaine, author of the book Parents in the singular. Winning the daily challenge of single parenthood (edited by M. Bombardieri, Edizioni Erickson) on single-parenting, which constitutes in all respects a typology of family.

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With assiduous and positive co-parenting, the child benefits from the continuous contribution of both parents and does not feel torn between two parallel lives.

According to Claudette Guilmaine, co-parenting can exist even without an equal division of the time to spend with the child; if this modality was already adopted before the separation and continues to be so also afterwards, parents and children can emerge as winners.

Co-parenting and the web

There is also another form of co-parenting, embodied in a much debated media phenomenon. Occurs when two people who want a child but are not in a romantic relationship, they decide to give birth to a child with the agreement of being co-parents.

In Great Britain in 2022 an agency for co-parenting was born, called "The Stork" ("The Stork") and which deals with connecting two people who want a child and not a love story. Also in Del Paese some sites have been created that have the same purpose, that is to find a co-parent in order to raise a child together. In all cases, however, it is not known whether there are checks to ensure the reliability of the ads and the people behind them.

As reported by the magazine Adnkrons, which interviewed the lawyer Maria Costantini, an expert in the field of assisted fertilization, the suspicion is that this kind of site hides a search and donation of sperm.

"It must be considered that according to law 40/2004 access to assisted fertilization in authorized centers is reserved only for infertile couples or carriers of genetic diseases and of the opposite sex, therefore for many people today it is very difficult or even denied the possibility to have a child through these techniques. But the donation of sperm outside the regularly authorized structures is illegal in Del Paese: only these, in fact, are able to guarantee that all the health checks necessary for the health of the mother and the unborn child are carried out ", clarifies the lawyer .



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