What to do if the baby turns out at night

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Raise your hand if you do not wake up at least once during the night to check that the babies are well covered and have not rolled up the sheets at the foot of the bed. The fact that children discover themselves in their sleep is one of the small worries that plague parents' nights: how to prevent children from uncovering and getting cold?


First of all, what temperature should the room in which the baby sleeps be in in winter? "The ideal temperature to keep in the room where the baby sleeps is around 20 °, with a range between 18 and 22 °", explains the Dr. Anna Moscatiello, neonatologist at the Humanitas San Pio X hospital. «It is now proven that excessive temperatures can promote the risk of SIDS, which can affect newborns and infants in the first months of life. Generally in the first months of life the most thermoneutral environment for the baby has a temperature of 22 ° both day and night. After the first 5-6 months, the room temperature can be kept a little lower, between 18 and 20 ° ».

And if they are discovered at night what should be done?

“The most important thing is assess the baby's temperature, placing your hands on your head and neck: if they are warm it means that our baby is maintaining its temperature and therefore it is not necessary to re-arrange the bed ».

To guarantee them a quiet rest, the ideal «is to try to maintain an adequate body temperature with the pajamas, not relying excessively on the use of sheets or blankets which are very easily moved and above all can be a source of danger. We therefore use fleece cotton underwear and chenille pajamas at least for the first months of life. Then you can use the blankets or duvets with more peace of mind. In spring and summer, on the other hand, cotton bodysuits and rompers with, possibly, light sheets are sufficient to protect them from drafts ”, concludes the doctor.

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As children grow up, they begin to move more and more while they sleep: appropriate solutions must be adopted. "Already around 4-5 months, babies begin to move and turn around and it is difficult for them to remain covered if you use sheets or blankets (which can also become dangerous). The best solution is the sleeping bag: useful, safer and usable up to two to three years - advises us childcare Silvana Parisi, president of the Del Paesene Puericultrici Association - It is found in different thicknesses, so parents can change it according to the season. In spring you can use a lighter sleeping bag while in winter the ideal is to have a padded one. In this case, when the sleeping bag is heavy, it is sufficient to dress the little ones in a cotton onesie: covering them excessively is never appropriate ".

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After the age of three, the child begins to understand what his needs are: "I always start from the assumption that if an already grown child discovers it is because he is obviously hot - explains Silvana Parisi - so it makes no sense that he must necessarily remain covered. . In the case of newborns it is right for the adult to be vigilant because thermoregulation is not like that of the older child and it is the adult who must check if the body temperature drops below certain levels ".

"When dealing with children aged three and up, however, we must consider that they are people with their own needs and learn to listen to their needs. If they are uncovered, they are obviously hot and there is no need to cover them up. In addition, it must be considered that the child is provided with the right clothing and therefore even if it turns out it is not a problem ».

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Il down filled comforter it is the right solution for children in the age group between 3 and 5 years. «It is preferable to blankets and sheets with which there is a risk of crumpling. Children like it very much, also because today they are available in numerous fantasies and can choose the one they prefer, such as those with heroes or princesses. You can use i goose down duvets, which are light, transpire but at the same time keep a good temperature, or those acrylics, which allow less transpiration but are warmer ».

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