What to do when babies are cold

What to do when babies are cold
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Babies who are cold, how to behave

It is not easy to understand what children need. With newborns, then, especially when it comes to the first child, it seems practically impossible. For example, how to recognize the babies who are cold?

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Too much cover up babies

Mothers (minus dads!) Have a tendency to over-cover their babies, worried they might catch cold. How many times have you happened to see very little ones in their pram, indoors, covered with hats, dresses, duvets, blankets? It is not needed cover the little ones too much, even if actually not moving they could suffer from the cold more than older children. 

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How to tell if a newborn is cold

The first thing to take into account to understand if a newborn is cold is if we are cold: whether at home or outside, obviously standing still, are we cold? Do we feel the drafts in the neck? There gelano the hands? The same will apply to the neonate which, in fact, remains motionless in the wheelchair and is therefore more sensitive to cold. At home, then, i very young children they don't move so you should always consider it when considering how to dress them. 

In addition to making a comparison with us, it is good to consider two indicators: try to hear the end of your baby, if his hands, ears, nose and head are cold, he is likely cold. And if you see the purple lips, you can be sure of it. How to behave in these cases?

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What to do if the newborn is cold

If your child has hands or other cold body parts, it would be better to cover it: children, like the elderly, tend to notice less than the cold, that's why it's important to take care of them for them, even when they're a little older. In the case of babies who are still very young, it is good practice to wear a hat and a pair of gloves, even at home if the temperature seems to drop below 20 degrees, and this at least in the first weeks of life. 

If the baby goes out, it would be better to cover him well and then eventually undress him when you enter closed spaces. Choose natural materials so that they are still breathable and do not sweat, and dressed in layers. In this way you will have the possibility to remove or add a blanket if necessary. 

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Because it is important that children are not cold

Many think that the cold face "cool": there is a basis of truth, even if it is not exactly so. In fact, when the body comes in contact with very low temperatures, in addition to pumping more blood to the heart to maintain the internal temperature of 37 degrees, it develops defenses for the respiratory system. This process is called mucociliary clearance: in practice through an automatic cleaning of the airways they attract each other more easily virus and bacteria, for this taking cold you sick (and even worse when it occurs thermal shock). 

For this reason it is important, especially when going from hot to cold (for example in the summer if you enter a place with air conditioning), to take care of the children so that they do not feel too much temperature difference and compensating by covering or undressing them. 

It is important to note if the babies are cold, and usually good indicators are the sensations of the parents but also the temperature of the extremities such as hands, nose and ears. It is as important to cover children well as not to cover them too much, to avoid - especially due to temperature changes - that they become ill more easily by catching viruses and bacteria. no

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