What water to drink when pregnant?

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During pregnancy, you need to drink more than usual: during the nine months, in fact, between the greater volume of the maternal blood, the amniotic fluid and the water present in the fetal tissues, the water circulating in the mother's body increases by more than 8 liters. The minimum quantity to be introduced is at least two liters per day. Yes, but what water?

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  • Tap water
  • bottled water (sparkling or still)
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Tap water: yes, unfiltered

  • perfect if declared drinkable
  • the chlorine contained need not worry
  • better not to filter with the special jugs so as not to lose important minerals

Tap water is fine, because, if declared drinkable, it is bacteriologically pure, so from a hygienic point of view it presents no problems, not even for the chlorine content, which is minimal.

On the other hand, it is true that you should know the composition of the water in your aqueduct, given that during pregnancy the need for some minerals increases, such as calcium, copper, zinc, magnesium, manganese, which are essential for the synthesis of various important biochemical molecules. for the mother and for the baby: minerals that can be present in good quantities in the water.

Precisely for this reason, it is it is not recommended to filter with the appropriate jugs, as the resulting water is deprived of most of the minerals that are needed instead.

What about bottled water, still or sparkling?

It makes no difference. If you like sparkling water, you can safely drink it during pregnancy.

Small 'eco' consideration: if you choose bottled water, give preference to a spring in your region, in order to drink as much zero km water as possible.

And the low mineralized waters?

They are considered 'light' waters due to the low concentration of minerals: however, if pregnancy is not complicated by pathological processes (such as kidney stones), it is better to prefer water with medium mineralization, precisely because of the greater wealth of trace elements contained.

Water: anti-nausea remedy?
One of the anti-nausea tips in pregnancy is to drink a lot, but in small sips. It would also be better not to drink too much with meals.

(Consultation of surgeon, PhD student in Experimental and Clinical Nutrition, together with Francesca Deriu, nutritionist biologist and food science specialist, from the team of Attilio Speciani, well-known Milanese immunologist and allergist, scientific director of Eurosalus)

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Questions and answers

Can I drink tap water when pregnant? 

Tap water is fine during pregnancy because, if declared safe for drinking, it is bacteriologically pure.

Is it advisable to drink filtered water with special jugs while pregnant? 

It is not recommended to filter with the special jugs, as the resulting water is deprived of most of the minerals that are needed.

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