When and how the last visit takes place before giving birth

When and how the last visit takes place before giving birth
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Last visit before childbirth

When the time to give birth approaches, parents begin to develop some anxiety. Not only for the idea that soon they will have to take care of a child, perhaps without ever having done so before, but also because there are many fears around the birth. For this it can be useful to arrive prepared forlast visit before childbirth

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How to prepare for childbirth

Childbirth is for some a magical moment, for others a terrible memory perhaps due to a long and exhausting labor, a welcome that is not always ideal, painful thrusts, lacerations, episiotomy, use of forceps and suckers ... , you must not be influenced by the experiences of others but prepare yourself better. The pre-birth course is certainly useful, but also thelast visit before childbirth it can be an important time to ask questions about what will happen in the following days and weeks. 

Last visit before childbirth: when it is done

After the third trimester ultrasound - some now do one even at 35 weeks to check position and amniotic fluid - expectant mothers are usually called to have them checked about a couple of weeks before giving birth. At 37 weeks, in fact, the fetus is considered finish it and it can be born at any moment, even if most see the light practically at maturity. 

The structure that follows you for pregnancy will tell you when to go for thelast visit, but in general it is a day at the turn of the thirty-eighth week, even if it can be anticipated for different needs. Remember to bring all useful information with you, obviously including the latest results blood analysis, Dell 'echography and vaginal swab.

What is the last visit for

Undergo thelast visit has several purposes, including obviously checking the state of health of the mother and a possible approach to delivery. One of the first things you check is obviously dilation. It is rare that the primipare (who is the first child) are already dilated at this time, but it can happen very often to those who have already had other children. It does not mean that childbirth is imminent, because it could still take days or even weeks. 

The position of the baby is then checked by palpation of the belly, the mother's blood pressure, weight and general health: how she feels, if she has pain, contractions or other ailments that could be connected to childbirth. 

At this time, the gynecologist establishes whether you can proceed with a natural birth or not and, for those who have chosen to give birth with an epidural, a visit with the anesthetist could also be carried out. 

What to ask at the last visit before giving birth

This is also an opportunity to do all questions of the case. Here are some that might be useful to you: 

  • how to recognize labor
  • when to go to the hospital
  • what happens when you arrive (remember that labor is generally considered to be from 4cm dilation)
  • will the epidural always be guaranteed?
  • what happens if labor lasts too long
  • who will make up the team
  • what happens in case of complications (but also what are the possible complications)

Once all doubts have been dispelled (or almost!), He settles down together with the doctor the action plan, namely what the next steps will be. Typically, if nothing unlocks at 40 weeks, you proceed with a series of monitoring up to 41 + 6, after which delivery is induced.

L'last visit before childbirth it is a routine examination that serves to verify that everything goes as planned, but above all it checks the dilation of the cervix and position of the child. It is useful to spend the last few days calm and to ask the doctor everything that can be used to arrive at the day of birth prepared and without anxiety.

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