When and where to map moles to children

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Mapping in children's snows

Screening is important for various diseases which, with prevention, can be avoided or discovered in time. In children it is less necessary, and usually limited to checks by the pediatrician, dentist and ophthalmologist. But what about the mapping in children's snows, when is it necessary to do it?

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What is Mole Mapping

All of us, on a regular basis, should be doing it check the skin. It is not necessary to wait to see a suspicious spot to consult a dermatologist: approximately every two years if there are no problems or once a year or according to prescription we should show the skin to the specialist, who will assess whether the in they are regular, if they have changed, if they deserve attention or not. For children, it's a little different: there's no reason to have such frequent checks. 

Children and Mole Mapping

Check it status of moles in pediatric age it is important, especially for all of those congenital nevi which normally appear in the first years of life. 

In fact, it is completely normal for new moles to appear, because on average we have about thirty of them all over the body. The important thing is to pay attention to both those already present and the new ones: the congenital ones, that is present at birth, represent 1 percent of the total, the rest appears during development. 

The mole map is useless in children

In reality, there is a difference between checking for moles and making one mapping. In fact, the map uses theepiluminescence, that is a light source which, connected to a microscope, allows to observe them with precision pigmented lesions. It is an examination that the dermatologist carries out and that does not make any sense on what is considered normal. 

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When to get babies checked for moles

It will be then the pediatrician to evaluate if the moles that appear gradually on the child are "normal" or not. During puberty, it may be useful to check directly with the dermatologist, to take stock of the situation and also understand which moles to pay attention to. 

In particular, it is important to observe the moles of your children according to the rule of the ABCDE

  • asymmetry
  • uneven edges
  • uneven color
  • dimensions greater than 8mm
  • evolution of one of these characteristics

In general, watch the i regularly in the children observing if they change or, if a new one appears, verifying that it has a normal shape, linear edges, a homogeneous color and that it is not too large. If you have any questions, ask your doctor. 

Not all moles and irregular spots are particularly alarming, but the prevention it is essential precisely because a skin tumor, before it becomes melanoma, can be treated in time and removed without any consequences.

Moles and suns

Also remember that exposure to the sun, by increasing the production of melanin, stimulates the growth of new moles or changes those already present, so it is necessary to use the cream alone and not to expose children during the hours when the sun is at its peak.

Who is most at risk in the

Among the risk factors that can increase the occurrence of moles and above all make them appear again there are: 

  • inheritance
  • sun exposure
  • skin phototype at risk (light hair, light eyes, freckles)

In conclusion, it is not necessary to submit the children to a mapping of the moles, but it is important to observe them and pay attention especially to the congenital ones. During puberty the nevi tend to increase, but it is necessary to check that they are regular, that they do not have jagged edges or an uneven color. 


Nei or Nevi: the important thing is control

Updated on 08.01.2022

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