When can children drink water?

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Since when to give water to children?

If the baby is exclusively breastfed, does he also need water? Since when to introduce it? Better that of the tap or that of the bottle? Here are the answers of Alberto Villani, Head of the Complex Operational Unit of General Pediatrics and Infectious Diseases at the Bambino Gesù hospital in the city.

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Can infants / should they drink the water?

In the first months of life the infant does not need to drink water. Breast milk, as well as that in formula, is made up of over 95% water. For this reason not only is there no need to add more water, but it is also appropriate that the infant does not take any other fluids (water, herbal teas, etc.) in addition to milk until the introduction of the first solid foods.

In fact, there is a risk of unnecessarily filling the stomach, which will arrive at the feeding with a false sense of satiety and to establish bad habits (especially at night).

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Since when to introduce water to children?

A small amount of water during meals (30-50 ml) can therefore be offered to the child with the introduction of the baby food, therefore from the fourth-sixth month, but it is not an obligation.

What water is preferable for children to drink?

One is fine any mineral water - which guarantees the right mineral contents - non-effervescent (not even natural effervescent, unless it is the only one available), preferably from a glass bottle.

Is tap water okay too?

The tap is also fine: if there is water declared drinkable, you can drink it safely, since it means that it is bacteriologically pure, free of harmful substances and responds to certain physical / chemical characteristics.

However, if you live in areas where water stays in bins or is notoriously unreliable, then it is good to use bottled water. In case of doubt or need, the water can be boiled and, once cooled, it can be made to drink safely to the child.

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