When male and female discover they are different

At about three years of age, children discover that they belong to their own sex: girls are like women, boys are like men. For children this is a difficult process: they have to separate from their mother if they want to become men. Girls, on the other hand, can continue to orient themselves towards their mother. And they do: like boys, they learn from the example of adults.

Today parents are theoretically no longer stuck in the old roles, but then in reality they keep the traditional roles (the mother more at home with the children, the father more at work) and influence the model of male and female. So children often play these traditional roles: the mother is sweet, loving and anxious, while the father is more active and outward-looking. This helps to form the image of the little one.

In one study, here's what they said about themselves about kindergarten children: girls play with dolls, help their mom, talk a lot, never hit and need help. Children help their dad, they want to beat other children, they are impertinent, they make other children cry. Read also the article on the topic

(The article is from Eltern)

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