When to choose the pediatrician?

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La choice of pediatrician - the doctor specialized in the care of minors - is a very important moment for new parents. So here's when and how this decision is made.

  • When to choose the pediatrician?
  • How do you choose the pediatrician?
  • How to enroll the child at the pediatrician?

When to choose the pediatrician?

The best thing to do is to choose the pediatrician even before childbirth. Here because.

What does the law say?

The Del Paesena law provides that, from the moment of birth, every child must be followed by a trusted pediatrician at least up to 6 years old. Then, from 6 to 14 years old, parents can decide whether to continue having their children followed by the same pediatrician or whether to rely on the family doctor.

Finally, at the age of 14, unless in special cases (presence of handicap or pathologies) the revocation is automatic, therefore the parent only has to contact theLocal ASL and register your child with a general practitioner.

When to choose the pediatrician?

Since the pediatrician will represent a reference figure for most of the child's childhood, the choice is a moment that should not be taken too lightly. For this reason it is very suitable to view already during pregnancy (from the 29th week onwards) the possible options, so that, when the baby is born, all the bureaucratic issues are already done and the family can thus be sure to rely on a professional who will monitor the health and general well-being over the years of the child.

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How do you choose the pediatrician?

To choose the pediatrician carefully, some aspects must be taken into account:

  • La geographical proximity of the office or clinic to one's home (a doctor who is too far away can be a problem in case of emergencies or periodic visits);
  • La availability of the same pediatrician (some doctors have too many patients to follow) and the possible possibility of contacting his colleagues in emergencies
  • L'reliability of the professional. To evaluate it, in addition to the classic "word of mouth", it is not a bad idea to make an appointment with the papabile pediatrician for a cognitive interview.
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How to enroll the child at the pediatrician?

Once the choice is made, the bureaucratic process is quite simple.

You must present yourself to your local ASL with a identity document of one of the two parents, the fiscal Code of the child and the birth certificate (or self-certification). Therefore it will be necessary to indicate the pediatrician. Registration is immediate.

In some large cities, the operation can be done directly in the hospital where the baby was born.

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