When to cut your baby's hair?

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When to cut your baby's hair

There is no age from which you can cut children's hair: one could say roughly from three months of life, when they start to grow a little and a few longer strands might be annoying.

Of course it is a cut that mum can do very well from home, without having to take the little one to the hairdresser. However, it is good to ask for help from another person who holds the baby's head still while the hair is being cut: even if she is sleeping, in fact, the baby could feel the tactile sensation and move his head suddenly. As scissors, it is perfectly fine to use a blunt tip type (even the one used to cut his nails), so there is no danger of hurting him; to take the locks, ok with the round-tipped comb that is normally used to comb babies.

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Why cut your baby's hair

"Cutting the baby's hair can be useful to remove irregularities in the length, free the baby from any locks on the forehead or ears that could annoy him or, if he has beautiful hair, to lighten him in hot weather and prevent him from sweating too much" he observes , Dermatologist at the Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital of the city.

"Or to eliminate the classic 'fluff' that could form due to the continuous rubbing of the hair on the pillow, since babies spend most of their time lying in the crib.

Why does the newborn lose hair on the back of the head

But keep in mind that the cut does not affect the tropism of the hair in the least, does not contribute to strengthening it or facilitating its growth. Indeed, the so-called may occur in infants pressure alopecia, with the thinning of the hair in the area in contact with the pillow, or it could happen a temporary hair loss in the periauricular area or near the temples: these situations are determined by genetic factors and by the fact that the life cycle of the hair has not yet stabilized, but as the months pass the hair strengthens itself and begins its normal growth ".

Questions and answers

Why don't babies' hair be cut in the first year of life?

We can only gently cut with scissors some strands that annoy him, but otherwise the hair must be left as it is because, just like the nails, they are very fragile and will fall out easily to be replaced by stronger hair.

Can the baby's hair be cut with a machine?

The baby's head is very fragile, the fontanelles are still open and the machine certainly CANNOT be used. Indeed, if it is not really necessary, the ideal would be to wait to cut your hair no earlier than 18 months.

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