When to leave the house with a newborn?

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Have you given birth a few days ago and do not know if you can take the baby for a walk? Do not worry: it is a doubt more than legitimate. In the first weeks after the happy event, it is completely normal for a couple of new parents, especially if they ask themselves a thousand questions to their first child. Among the most common doubts of mum and dad there is precisely what concerns the ideal moment in which leaving home with a newborn. There are those who are convinced that the little one should almost always be kept indoors and those, on the contrary, that it can be safely taken for a walk. Who is right?

In fact, as always when it comes to children, there is no absolute and incontrovertible truth e you have to use a lot of common sense. Much depends on how the baby and mother are, on the climate and on the habits of the family. In principle, however, if everything goes smoothly, you can leave from the first days, with the right precautions.

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  • If there are no problems, you can do it right away
  • The benefits for mom and baby
  • Leaving the house with a baby, the precautions to be taken
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If there are no problems, you can do it right away

If you feel like a change of scenery, the birth was physiological, the baby is fine and the weather conditions are not too extreme, you can leave the house from the first days after the birth, as many times as you want. After all, don't forget that the baby has already faced his first time outside: when he left the hospital and entered your nursery. You can, therefore, easily venture to the park or other outdoor places.

Better to wait some time, however, se you you are not feeling fit yet and you have little strength, if during childbirth and / or in the post complications have arisen or your child has some complaints. In these cases, before leaving home with a newborn, it is always good to seek the advice of the gynecologist and pediatrician.

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The benefits for mom and baby

Leaving the house with a baby is not only pleasant (and in some cases necessary), but also advisable. In fact, it is a beneficial activity for both mother and baby. For you why allows you to disconnect for a few moments from the new routine which, although beautiful, is nevertheless tiring and demanding. Furthermore, it gives you the ability to start training gently again and without forcing your body and to get back in motion, to see people and to face a new scenario.

Being outdoors is also good for your son because by changing the environment receives different stimuli, which positively influence his psychophysical development. Also, while you push him in the wheelchair or hold him in a sling, the little one feels cradled and pampered, so he can relax more easily. Contact with nature also calms him.

You must not forget that exposure to the sun and to the open air stimulates all the functions of your body and that of the baby. In particular, favors the regulation of biological rhythms, the immune mechanisms and the production of endorphins, the so-called good mood hormones. This translates into a more effective defense against diseases, an easier adaptation to new daily and seasonal rhythms, a better night's rest and a better greater relaxation and general well-being. Finally, the sun's rays are necessary for the vitamin D production, ally of the bones and more.

Leaving the house with a baby, the precautions to be taken

If leaving the house with a baby to go to the park under the house, take a walk, visit friends and relatives is almost always a good idea, it is not to go out and then take refuge in a closed and crowded place. For the first experiences al shopping center, supermarket or at the very busy restaurant it is better to wait a few weeks and, if possible, the first vaccinations so as not to run any risk.

Here are other useful tips to follow.

  • If it's too hot or there is too much wind, it is preferable postpone the exit.
  • In summer, for walks with your baby, prefer the early morning and evening hours, when temperatures are more tolerable.
  • Remember to protect your baby's delicate and sensitive skin by always applying sunscreen.
  • During the summer, dress your child lightly and with clothing made of natural materials, such as cotton.
  • You can also go out in winter, provided that the baby is adequately covered.
  • Do not bring the wheelchair close to people who sneeze or are unwell.
  • Ask those who want to approach and touch the baby to wash their hands first.
  • Avoid busy roads and polluted places.
  • Remember to bring everything you need with you: diapers, wipes, spare parts, pacifiers, blankets on which to lie down with your baby, bottles if you are not breastfeeding.

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