When you become a mother, you become a new woman

“Becoming a mother is a beautiful event, but if you only feed unreal expectations with mothers always fit and always smiling, at the first difficulty the real new mother will feel inadequate and wrong. And when a woman feels like a bad mother, negative feelings are unleashed in her, with unpleasant consequences even for the child ".

After years of experience in contact with pregnant women and women who have recently given birth, , www.rossellanappi.com, lecturer at the University of Pavia and gynecologist (but also endocrinologist and sexologist) at the IRCCS Fondazione S. Maugeri in Pavia, came to a conclusion: women are not prepared to face change that motherhood inevitably brings with it.

No sooner said than done. You wrote a booklet entitled 'Me Mom - A new woman after childbirth', on the lights and shadows of motherhood, which from 2022 will be distributed in all Del Paeseni birth centers. Download the pdf

The brochure can be read in ten minutes and helps to reflect on what happens after childbirth. "Motherhood is a real turning point - explains the gynecologist - it is often a crucial point in life, in which aspects of the whole life lived up to then by the woman re-emerge and where everything needs to be rebalanced: the relationship with oneself, life as a couple, family and social relationships. aspects of one's character that must be questioned etc… Knowing how to transform it into an opportunity to start again as a new woman requires good awareness, which also passes through adequate information and preparation ”.

“Once upon a time it was mothers, grandmothers and the whole network of familiar female figures they accompanied the new mother in the most difficult stages, from pregnancy to childbirth, from the birth of the baby to weaning - observes the gynecologist -. Today these figures are often missing or far away. Yet the woman who becomes a mother has not stopped needing help ”.

"Of course, there are the gynecologist first and the pediatrician after, but they mainly intervene on the 'technical aspects', or related to health: one takes care of the good course of pregnancy up to the moment of delivery and the other takes care of the health of the newborn ”.

But there is much more that needs to be taken into account: there is the whole aspect of supporting the new mother, for the care of the child, for breastfeeding (both breast and artificial), for the recovery of their spaces (alone and with the partner), of their physical form, of normality in general.

"The solution is the midwife - says the gynecologist -, a figure that already exists but is still, erroneously, underestimated. It would be enough to provide a service of practice, to adopt the obstetric figure as a reference for the mother, before, during and after childbirth ".

“Among other things, today's midwives are all specialized and graduated, they have skills in obstetrics but also in psychology, they know how to support the mother both from a technical-practical point of view and from a human point of view ".

“If all women had the opportunity to take advantage of both pre-birth meetings and post-partum courses with midwives, would already be a great help - says Nappi -. On the other hand, there are very few cases in which the new mother is given the opportunity to meet and discuss with other mothers after giving birth and to ask the midwife for advice on any aspect of motherhood ".

“The willingness on the part of local health authorities to make available would be enough one-off of the premises and a midwife. They would not be wasted resources, because they would gain health and well-being, both for mothers and their children ”.

Download the pdf of the brochure Io Mamma - A new woman after childbirth

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