Where to go on vacation in the world with teenagers?

Where to go on vacation in the world with teenagers?
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  • how to organize a trip with teenage children
  • which destinations are most suitable based on the age of the children
  • interesting destinations for teenagers
  • how to combine fun and culture while traveling
  • thrilling experiences on vacation
  • New York, a timeless destination
  • South Korea, destination on the rise
  • recommended destinations for the whole family

The "sweet travel" sung by Battisti, could turn into a bitter experience if in family there are teenage children riotous and unwilling to travel classically understood, between visits to museums and stops in the iconic places of the designated destination. But to involve even the most hostile children, it is enough to know how to organize the trip in the right way, balancing culture and entertainment well, choosing destinations that can arouse the interest of the whole family and planning together tours, routes and activities.

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How to organize a trip with teenagers

"When traveling with teenagers, you have to think of a fair one balance of contents. Children tend to get bored quite easily, therefore, anything that represents an excess (too much culture, too many museums, too much nature, too much sea), can be a source of criticality. It is therefore useful to keep these factors in mind when planning your trip ", explains Claudio Asborno of the tour operator CartOrange.

Where to go on vacation with older children, a solution for all ages

Even the age of the children can be a useful element to guide the choice of certain activities or the aspects to be preferred: "When there are children between 13/14 years, you can prefer destinations where the natural component, while teenagers close to the age of majority will surely prefer the big cities and places where they can socialize with peers. The connection issue should also not be overlooked Wireless, a fundamental aspect for all the new generations increasingly interconnected through social networks ".

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Holidays with teenagers: between technology and TV series

  • Japan
  • UAE
  • Los Angeles

Social, but also videogames, technology, comics and TV series are certainly among the interests of young people. A great way to capture their attention could be to choose destinations where these elements are very present: "The Japan is definitely the best destination for i young geeks. It's a place where lots of trends are born and kids will be happy to experiment and instagram a real journey into the future. Rising destinations are also the UAE with theme parks dedicated to films and the world of lego. An evergreen that brings together adults and children is instead Los Angeles where most of the most famous films and series were shot ".

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Teenage children, travel between fun and culture in China and Japan

But for the travel consultant, the cultural and experiential part must never be missing in an out-of-town holiday: "A journey always represents an enrichment that also passes through the comparison and knowledge of cultures and populations different from ours. Therefore, we need to create the right mix with more playful contents to entice the children, but which also allow the discovery of these aspects ". 

"In the case of Japan, for example, a visit to the ancient capital cannot be missed, Kyoto, perhaps preferring bicycle excursions, a dynamic and certainly more interesting solution for children that allows them to come into contact with an extremely interesting and enriching reality. In China, even the very young will be fascinated by the Xi'an terracotta army or dai panda di Chengdu, while in the Emirates a classic that everyone tends to like is the experience in a tented camp in the desert ".

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Teenager, thrilling experiences on the go

"If you love adventure and thrilling experiences in contact with nature, you cannot give up on excursions in kayak in Canada to see whales or whales cage diving in South Africa, in Simon's Town and Gansbaai, to closely observe the white sharks ".

Traveling with teenage children: timeless New York

One of the most popular destinations for long-range travel is certainly New York, which with its wealth of news, trends and curiosities can only thrill the very young: "In the Big Apple you can find everything and more. There are shops strangest and wackiest imaginable Brooklyn for example there is Superhero Supply, a shop dedicated to all aspiring super heroes where you can find the accessories to build your own perfect costume, while for comic book lovers there is the Forbidden Planet on Broadway ".

TV series are also hotbeds of new trends, especially in the fashion field: after the series Sex and The City in New York many shops dedicated to vintage fashion: "For fans of all ages there are the very famous" thrift stores ", thrift stores, such as Cheap Jack's Vintage Clothing on Broadway".

Traveling with older children: South Korea

An increasingly popular destination for teenagers is also there South Korea, which has become a trendy destination thanks to music K-pop. But in addition to pleasing the very young, the East Asian country is a place that will amaze even adults with its historical and natural beauties: "The obligatory stop is obviously Seoul as well as being the capital, even for the big three. theme parks, Lotte World, Everland and Seoul Land, which are sure to please kids. " 

"As regards the cultural aspect, there is the possibility of visiting the royal palaces wearing the typical clothes of the tradition, the hanboks which, in addition to being a fun experience, offer the possibility of free access to these sites. of landscape view, the volcanic island of Jeju and its 7 km long caves can be an engaging experience for the whole family ".

Family trip, recommended destinations: Australia and Cambodia

Flights are almost always one of the aspects that have the greatest impact on travel expenses and destinations such as Australia become a complicated destination also for this aspect, but for family-friendly travel, the land of kangaroos remains among the best places: " Beyond the budget aspects, it is a country where you can experience truly unforgettable family emotions. From the Gold Coast for the kids, to the same Sydneythe Adelaide in the South of Australia with its extensive cycle paths or the State of Victoria in the middle of the vineyards and the fantastic experience of Kangaroo Island, the island where it is possible to observe the biodiversity of the place with kangaroos, koalas, sea lions living in absolute freedom. An ideal experience to live as a family, which will make everyone agree ".

Beautiful but little known is then the Cambodia which offers the opportunity to have experiences of a completely different kind, but nevertheless engaging and stimulating for parents and children. "The city of Siem Reap and the archaeological site of Angkor are wonderful places that can satisfy the curiosity of mothers and fathers, satisfying even the kids. You can choose to go on a Vespa excursion to involve teens more or spend a day in the company of a local family, but also sleep in a houseboat in the Tonle Sap Lake. In short, many experiences to share that in some way contribute to uniting families and in which, if the right atmosphere is created, even adults can rediscover the taste for discovery typical of adolescents ".

The pedagogist's advice

In organizing a holiday with the children, mothers and fathers as well as concentrating on the goals should keep in mind a couple of tips that can help the family ménage at best: "adolescence is the phase of separation from parents, the moment in which children seek a detachment from parental figures "he reminds us Daniele Novara, pedagogue and founder of the CPP and author of the book "Organized and happy" published by Bur. "For this reason it is useless to seek a" confidant "dialogue at all costs with the children. Instead, it is better to concentrate on the educational organization, which must be maintained even on vacation".

Here are three useful practical ideas:

  • We calibrate expectations. "At this age, children do not pause to spend time with their parents" so it is good to set expectations before leaving.
  • Let's take peers with us. "Teenagers want to be with their peers: it would therefore be nice to leave with a group of families who have children of a similar age to that of our children".
  • We foresee some moments of pause. "In organizing the day or in selecting spaces, we look for places and moments where children can, if they wish, be completely alone".
  • A vacation to learn. "There will be a holiday with the parents, yes, but also one in which the teenager will be without mum and dad which could be a study holiday or an experience of volunteering and solidarity, perhaps even immersed in nature, where young people will have the opportunity to to learn, to learn to spend one's time well and to be with peers, as I recall in my letter to teenagers ". 

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