Which dogs are not suitable for children?

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Which dogs are not suitable for children?

At some point in their life, all of them children ask for a dog: Which parent hasn't dealt with this request at least once? Having a pet is a great way to teach children (but also us adults!) Responsibility, respect and sharing, for this reason many parents please the little ones of the house by taking a puppy. Dogs, in particular, are faithful animals which require a lot of attention, unlike cats for example, and which can therefore become real members of the family. But there are gods dogs not suitable for children?

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My son wants a dog

If the puppy it is not already in the family, it is likely that sooner or later the little ones of the house will request it. THE dogs they are affectionate pets with almost the same needs as humans, they can be carried almost anywhere, and they manifest very strong feelings for people, with expressions of joy or sadness very evident depending on the situation. 

Get a dog it means investing the whole family with responsibility, so the first evaluation to make is: are we ready to take on this responsibility? Not only the mother or the father, but all the members of the family nucleus: it is important to be clear, everyone, what this entails. 

Getting a dog: pros and cons

The choice of have a dog or not it's very personal, but you can definitely evaluate them pros and cons according to your situation before fulfill the wishes of the children to have an animal. Can we guarantee him what he needs? Among the first aspects to be evaluated is the need to take him out at least a couple of times a day, not only to do the business, but also to get around a bit: do your days allow it? Who will take care of it? 

If you take a puppy, you have to consider that the first few times it could do damage in the house, because i small dogs they are very playful. Not to mention that, still not polite, he could pee wherever he happens. If, on the other hand, you decide to contact a kennel to give home to an already adult dog, remember that it has a past and it may not always be easy. Dogs have a character, as well as an experience, and you and your children will have to accept it in any case. 

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Also consider how much time you spend away from home and how much the dog will remain alone. If you live in a condominium, check that the regulation provides for the presence of pets and be prepared to put up with the moans if the puppy barks, especially if he is alone for a long time. If you leave often or for long periods, understand if you can take it with you or not and how you could organize yourself.

Which dog breeds are not suitable for children

If the pros are more numerous than the cons and all family members are determined to welcome a dog into the house, you just have to stay choose the puppy that's right for you. First of all, decide if you want a small one, perhaps a thoroughbred one, or an older one.

In the event that you went to the kennel, the staff can advise you on the dog with the most malleable character, who loves the company of the little ones based on its history, its experience and sometimes even its breed. Trust the advice and avoid showing others to your children, they may not be for them and if they fall in love with it for its appearance, size or color it would be worse. 

If, on the other hand, you are determined to buy a purebred dog, or someone proposes to give you a puppy, here are some dog breeds with which it is better to be careful when there are children: 

  • Dalmatian: contrary to what the cartoon teaches us, the Dalmatian it is not very suitable for little ones because it is a dog with an agitated temperament, often hyperactive and therefore difficult to manage
  • dobermanThey are very obedient and protective dogs, but they have to be trained to keep their need to dominate at bay
  • husky: less dominant than the Doberman, indeed playful, but he too requires training because too exuberant and in need of many outings and walks
  • chihuahua: it may be surprising for their size, but it is precisely the fact that they are so small that puts them on on guard against dangers and it can make them become a lot too aggressive. Furthermore, children, just like they do with cats, can consider them a game, seeing them as small ... nothing more wrong
  • russian toy: other dog of small size, he is kind but also very susceptible, because of this he may not tolerate the chaos of children and become aggressive or stressed too much
  • r: Just like other dogs judged to be very aggressive, it needs a excellent training to bear the impetuosity of children
  • akita: the dog famous for the film Hachiko, is historically bred in Japan as guardian dog, and it is not easily trainable

In principle, if you want to fulfill your child's desire of adopt a dog it is good to inquire about dog breeds less suitable for children, so as to prevent them from getting along. Small dogs are often aggressive precisely because they are small, while those more difficult to train may be too rowdy or poorly tolerate the presence of children.

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