White noise: app to relax and what it is

White noise: app

To relax wearing a pair of headphones or helping children to sleep by activating a simple app: a dream? No, it is possible thanks to the benefits of the white noise. That's what it is

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What is white noise?

White noise is a mix of sounds whose repetition and particular frequencies with constant amplitude over the entire sound spectrum, they are able to exclude all other noises, giving the listener a "insulating" effect and definitely relaxing.

In reality, therefore, the white one is not a real noise, but rather a kind of barrier that cancels all other noises. In fact we speak of "white noise" by analogy with what happens in the visible spectrum, where white is the synthesis of all the colors that our eye can perceive (which, however, together, end up not being distinguishable).

Relaxing white noise

Thanks to its ability to cover the ambient sounds, in recent years, white noise has been considered an excellent tool for relaxing, helping sleep and promoting concentration.

The rustle of leaves, the flowing of a river, the blowing of the wind: these are all examples "soothing" sounds (even if technically they do not always fall into the precise category of white noise, but by now it doesn't make much difference) that today many Creators and developers are using to create video, podcast e Whatsapp intended precisely for personal relaxation or for improving sleep (especially for infants and children).

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The best white noise apps

The Web is full of apps that offer a wide variety of soothing sounds to help children sleep or simply relax at home.

White Noise Baby Sleep Sounds

In this App for Android we have collected sounds of white noise and lullabies for younger children. The developers have also added the ability to upload songs to alternate with the contents already present in the App.

White Noise Baby

Available for both IOS and Android, White Noise Baby includes white noise sounds and classical music tracks designed to sweetly put our babies to sleep. In addition, the "monitor" mode which automatically activates the reproduction of white noise if the baby starts crying.

White Noise

It is perhaps the most famous app of its kind, created in 2009 and still very much in vogue. It contains sounds from environments all over the world (from the croaking of frogs to the sound of a ship in the open sea) and, of course, very effective white noise silences.

sound sleeper

Sound Sleepr also allows you to record your own lullabies and in addition to the repertoire of sounds and white noise, the app helps to monitor the baby's sleep, developing customized patterns and patterns that can help parents manage bedtime schedules.

Sleep Little Babies

This app is compatible with Alexa, so it's perfect for the home environment. Just download and activate it through the voice assistant. then Alexa's cash desk will take care of cradling the baby in Morpheus's arms.

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White noise: YouTube videos

The apps are convenient for everyday use, but also on YouTube you can find many videos (even very long) dedicated to very relaxing white noise. Here are some examples

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