Why does the baby have cold hands?

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In the first months of life, babies always have cool hands, that is, less warm than the rest of the body. When to worry? And how to tell if the baby is cold?

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When to worry?

Don't worry though the complexion of the rest of the body is rosy and the child does not manifest other symptoms,

  • like pallor
  • and plaintive weeping.

In this case, the pediatrician should be contacted.

In the absence of other signals, the phenomenon of cold hands should not worry because it depends on the circulation of the blood at the peripheral level, not yet completely efficient. The situation is resolved as the baby grows.

How to understand that the newborn is cold?

However, it is also necessary to take into consideration the possibility that the child is cold, because perhaps the external temperature is objectively low and he is too little covered.

When is the baby cold?

Common sense helps in this case: if it is 15 degrees outside and the child is wearing only a onesie it is possible that his cold hands signal that it is advisable to cover him more. Without exaggerating, however, why too much heat produces as much discomfort to the child as cold. To regulate oneself, it can be helpful to put a finger under the onesie to feel the warmth of the body and to look at the color of the face, which, hopefully, is pink.

#It is not true that the baby's well-being is guaranteed when the temperature of the room in which he sleeps is at least 24 degrees. The ideal temperature is around 20 degrees.

(Advice from the Paesena Society of Pediatric Primary Care)

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