Why you should write "THANK YOU" more often

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According to recent research showing gratitude is good for you to health, mood and improves general well-being. Certainly, it is one of the easiest things you can do to improve your mental health. But if you can't remember the last time you thanked someone, the study in question may explain why.

According to research results published in the journal "Psychological Science", people they underestimate the positive effect and potential that comes from expressing gratitudeee they overestimate embarrassment that could result from it. This can prevent them from engaging in the beneficial practice of gratitude, which is simple but, at the same time, tremendously impactful.

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"Giving thanks can improve people's happiness and it can also improve the well-being of someone in front of us, even more than we think," says the study co-author. Amit Kumar, professor of marketing at the "McCombs School of Business" in Austin (University of Texas). "I think since it's good for both parties, we should be expressing gratitude much more often in our daily lives."

A series of experiments were carried out to reach the conclusions of the study: basically, in all cases, participants were asked to send a letter to a friend or family member, expressing gratitude. Before sending the letters, the researchers asked people how they expected the recipient to react. Thereafter, the psychologists questioned the recipients about their actual reactions and found that senders often misjudged their letters, overestimating the embarrassment and underestimating the recipients' mood, instead pleasantly surprised to receive the epistle.

Kumar said: "When you are the recipient of a letter of gratitude, you tend to evaluate things on the basis of the sender's" warmth "and social intent. As long as someone's epistolary expression is sincere, warm and friendly, the recipients will always have a very positive reaction. "

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What's more, the researchers also found that writing letters of gratitude put people in a more positive mood.

Kumar concluded by saying we should not let our conscience prevent us from sincerely thanking others. And he suggests keeping pens and papers close at hand, so you can compose a "thank you note" whenever you feel the need.

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