Woman between motherhood and sport: "exercise during pregnancy is safe and advisable"

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What are the effects that sports during pregnancy and her recovery after childbirth have on professional athletes? This is the theme of the study "Woman: between motherhood and sport" just conducted by CONI e Chicco (Artsana Group). The results of this research, currently in publication in the journal "Medicine & Science in Sport & Exercise" of the American College of Sport Medicine, were presented yesterday in the city in the presence of Giovanni Malago, President of CONI, and of Claudio De Conto, Chief Executive Officer of the Artsana Group. The work team included 3 sports doctors, a gynecologist, two athletic trainers.

A systematic review

The study was conducted on 55 Olympic athletes who had children during their competitive careers and showed that athletes can continue to train during pregnancy by doing sports, under the supervision of professionals, in complete safety, then returning to training and competitions at a high level.

According to the research:

  • one in two athletes returns to the same international levels,
  • 40% are placed on the podium
  • and 30% win a gold medal.

The study shows that female athletes can continue to train safely during pregnancy and after childbirth with a gradual recovery if followed throughout the course and that many athletes after a pregnancy and with studied and dedicated workouts not only reached the same level but often they have improved their performance.

I give proceeds are useful not only for high-level athletes but also for non-athletes, to determine behavioral patterns in terms of physical activity, with i benefits note that this involves in pregnancy and postpartum. For this reason, an athletic trainer was present in the team: to lay out cards and exercises suitable for both pregnancy and postpartum to always be carried out under medical supervision.

In the absence of medical contraindications, one must not abandon one's passions

As stated by Dr. Diana Bianchedi, who collaborated in the study: "This study was created to improve knowledge on a subject that is still little known and studied and has set itself the ambitious goal, starting from the experiences of the athletes, to bring light conclusions that are useful and valid also for all women who play non-competitive sports and wish to have a child. In the absence of medical contraindications, there is no reason for them to abandon their passion, just as there is no reason for a mother to overshadow their ambitions in life. There are women who have won the Olympics after becoming pregnant! From this research a strong message of empowerment emerges for all women, regardless of their profession. As an athlete, mother and woman I am happy to have taken part in it and to collaborate in spreading this awareness, because I believe that the victory of a mother, in any field, represents the victory of the whole society as a whole ". Of the same opinion the professor Giovanna Testa, who participated in the research: "The study shows that exercise in pregnancy is safe and advisable. It should be done under medical supervision and by specialized personnel and calibrated also in consideration of the sporting aptitude of each individual patient ".

The president of CONI, Giovanni Malagò and Claudio De Conto, CEO of the Artsana Group also spoke during the conference. Giovanni Malagò, underlined: "I thank the Artsana Group and the Chicco brand for having contributed to the development of a project promoted by the IOC, which has always been sensitive to the issue. We are involved in many initiatives related to dual career, but in this case the concept is anticipated, with the aim of supporting the athlete mother through the knowledge of the stories of those who have had children and are once again the protagonist at a competitive level. The elements and data provided by this study can help accompany women along the path, supporting their action. I am happy with the CONI-Chicco union, certain that research will be functional to the growth of the movement ".

Claudio De Conto, CEO of the Artsana Group, said: "Thanks to this collaboration with CONI, we start from the example of athletes to give a positive message to all women: their professional and personal goals are not and must not be incompatible. with motherhood. Each of us can do our part so that women are no longer faced with a choice between an athlete or a mother, because an athlete can also be a mother. For this reason, through the Chicco brand, we will launch a campaign of awareness that will symbolically transform all the 'o' into 'and' to support every woman in being an athlete, artist, manager, professional 'and' at the same time also a mother. This campaign will be the starting point to give life to various initiatives aimed at to support women with services and solutions. "



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