Worms in the feces of the child: what to do?

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Il baby has white worms in the stool. what are they? They are called pinworms - the so-called worms - and cause persistent itching in the anal area and, in the case of girls, also in the vulvar area. Often this is accompanied by abdominal pain and a sense of discomfort. Let's find out more about these worms.

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Pinworms in children, what are they

Pinworms are tiny threadlike animals belonging to the nematode group. Not more than one centimeter long, they are whitish and very thin. It is difficult to see them with closed eyes.

According to estimates, in Del Paese the 25% -50% di children and adolescents is struck by pinworms at least once.

This is a very high percentage, caused by the great diffusion of these worms in the environment and by the ease of transmission. Hygienic conditions have nothing to do with it: having worms does not mean being dirty or living in precarious situations.

Worms are very present in the environment, in which they are dispersed either by pets or by infected people. People become infected simply by accidentally ingesting the eggs of these organisms. Just touch an infected surface, put your hands to your mouth and unfortunately it's done.

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Pinworms, how to recognize them

I symptoms of pinworms are the following: 

  • itch,
  • bellyache,
  • feeling of agitation and discomfort,
  • trouble sleeping well.

In most cases the worms are invisible, but it is difficult not to notice that the child has pinworms. The symptom of itching is evident, especially if it lasts more than two days: the child often scratches his bottom and the girls also scratch the valve area. 

It can also happen that others add to the itch less specific symptoms, including stomach pain, a feeling of agitation and discomfort, difficulty sleeping.

It should be noted that, beyond the annoyance, which is still present and can be considerable, the infection does not cause more significant consequences.

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Oxyurase and natural grandmother's remedies

Against pinworms, they are different natural or grandmother's remedies that you read on the internet or that advise relatives. Between these:

  • garlic in the form of a suppository
  • pumpkin seeds,
  • grapefruit juice,
  • cloves, cinnamon and various spices,
  • walnut husk,
  • lemon peel.

These are all remedies that have no scientific basis. The treatment consists in taking specific antiparasitic drugs + house cleaning.

Pinworms, how they are treated

The therapy to cure the baby of worms in the stool is simple, but it needs to be done correctly for it to work at all. To this end, we need:

  • anti-parasite drug,
  • disinfestation of the house.

Antiparasitic drug

Il antiparasitic drug must be taken by mouth in two different administrations: one at the time of diagnosis and one fifteen days later. For therapy to be effective, not only the affected child (s) must do it on the same days all family members, including grandparents if they live in the house. 

Disinfestation of the house

Also fundamental is the disinfestation of the house, which must be done immediately after ingesting the first drug tablet: in fact, if you wait even a few days, the therapy does not work well and you risk new infections.

For disinfestation it is necessary to wash in lavatrice at 60° C

  • underwear,
  • the bedroom one (sheets, duvet covers, pajamas, etc.)
  • e the bathroom one

and discard any sponges used for washing.

Finally, it is important to know that even if the infection has been cleared, in the future it could be resumed.

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Questions and answers

Pinworm worms: what are they? 

Pinworm worms are intestinal parasites belonging to the nematode group.

Pinworms: how do children get infected? 

Children are infected by ingesting the eggs of these organisms: just touch an infected surface and put your hands to your mouth.

How are pinworms treated in children? 

The therapy to cure the baby of worms is simple, but it needs to be done correctly. To this end, an anti-parasite drug and house disinfestation are needed.

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