Yamaha method for teaching music to children: this is how it works

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«The didactic system Yamaha has a very long history. He was born in Japan in 1954. There he experienced the first collective class made up of preschool children. Since then the method has developed enormously not only in Japan but all over the world, in Europe and here in Del Paese, where it arrived in 1970 »explains Roberta Ferrari, Yamaha Music Education System didactic manager.

Un method which is always up to date: «Worldwide there is a team of experts in musical education for children who, together with psychologists, pedagogues and composers, are dedicated to the development and constant updating of the method».

Yamaha method for children: how it works

«It is a system that places the practice before theory; the divertissement at the basis of the motivation for commitment and the quality of the method; materials and teacher training at the service of the little ones ».

The method therefore reverses the traditional process of teaching music, which first involves decoding and understanding the written sign and then the approach to "real" music, played or sung.

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«At Yamaha, on the other hand, we prefer to start from experience, from“ doing ”, from playing and singing to then access theoretical understanding at the right age. Exactly how you learn to speak: the child first listens, then imitates and then speaks. Only when he goes to school will he learn the alphabet, grammar, will he learn to read and write, because in that moment he will be ready to do it. "

The importance of fun

«In Yamaha's way of teaching, the importance of the divertissement covers inlearning. Our music lessons are full of very, very serious games: they are full of imagination, of fairy tales, of movement, of creativity! Music can and must be learned with joy, with joy and with pleasure! ».

This does not mean "lightly" or superficially: "The quality of teaching, materials and the consistency of teacher training are our flagships".

The goal of the Yamaha method

«I dislike "Create happy people"! Yes, because we are absolutely convinced that music, with all the benefits it brings with it, makes people better and the world a more beautiful place to live. Our dream is to bring music in all schools, in all kindergartens, in all nurseries and also in all offices! ».

Also for this reason, for some years now, alongside the private circuit of schools where this method is taught, efforts are being made to bring Yamaha courses also within the public school, with the project "Music for everyone"For primary schools and"Music for all Junior"For kindergartens.

«An initiative that now boasts almost ten thousand students throughout the country and which has received the approval of the National Committee for the practical learning of music for all students, chaired by the former Minister of Education Luigi Berlinguer ”underlines Roberta Ferrari.

The characteristics of the Yamaha method

"There are three peculiarities: first of all theuse of the electronic keyboard instrument, as a "means" to achieve a complete musical education. The keyboard has an always constant intonation and this leads us to reach an incredible development of the ear. Furthermore, it has keys that are easily recognizable and “playable” even by very small hands. In addition, it allows you to immediately familiarize yourself with the orchestral instruments reproduced in a virtual way ».

Another key feature of the Yamaha teaching system is the development of creativity: "Within a few years, children get to compose and play their own music."

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The third feature is theattention to the specific needs of each age group, within collective lessons: «we always try to create homogeneous groups in order to be able to give the“ right food ”for every moment of a child's growth».

At what age to start

"As soon as possible! Music education, in fact, starts very early ». Depending on the age groups, there are different routes:

  • From 18 months of life it is possible to take your child to the course "Yamaha Baby Music: Toby's musical adventures". Children do not yet use the keyboard, but only their ears, their voice, their body.

  • At the age of three he arrives at the "Yamaha Music Wonderland”, A magical path, full of games, imagination, colors, sounds, in which children will have the first approach with the keyboard.

  • From 4 to 6 years there is the "Junior Music Course”, Which also combines the development of musical creativity with the instrument.

  • From the age of 6 to 8, music continues to be learned with the same playful but rigorous approach, and from the age of eight onwards children can also attend courses in singing, drums, classical guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass and piano.

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