Yoga during childbirth, exercises

Yoga during childbirth, exercises
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Yoga is invaluable for its ability to strengthen your muscles e improve concentration: practicing it during pregnancy will help you prepare yourself to better face the moment of childbirth. «Thanks to yoga you have better control of your body and mind and you are aware of what is happening at all times. What's more, you are also able to manage emotions, fears and anxieties »explains the teacher Gioia Boccadoro on the occasion of the presentation of the book "Pregnancy Wellness Yoga" by Tara Lee and Mary Attwood.

Why yoga helps childbirth

Prepare for labor and then delivery with children yoga exercises during pregnancy it will be very useful for you better manage the moment of birth of your child: you will have a better ability to concentrate and a greater physical endurance.

In the first phase of labor, which goes from when the cervix begins to dilate with contractions until you are ready to push and the cervix is ​​about 10 cm, breathing will be very important to keep calm.

1 - Ujjaya Breathing

«I recommend using Ujjayi breathing, which helps lower blood pressure and calm down» continues Boccadoro.

To do it, you need to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Concentrate in the world to bring attention within yourself: the goal is to make you remember the sound of the sea. You should arrive at an equal time between inhalation and exhalation.

2 - Exercise of the circles with the hips

In this phase, the exercise of the circles with the hips is also very useful to perform with the hands against the wall. "It's a lot useful to help push the baby's head into the pelvis».
Make yourself comfortable, place your hands, one on top of the other, against the wall and use them as a pillow for the head. Keep your feet slightly wider than your hips and bend your knees.
Close your eyes and start drawing small circles with your hips, with fluid movements, following your own rhythm.
Breathe deeply, without straining, and continue as long as you feel like it.

3 - Exercise of oscillations

relieve pain, during the stage of labor, you can put yourself on all fours on the floor or on an exercise ball e to swing back and forth. This will give the baby more space and push his head into the pelvis. Stand on the ground or on the ball and open your legs, inhale bringing the weight forward on the arms; then exhale and move back onto your heels. If you are comfortable, broaden the movement by moving your hips further back. Remember to keep your head in line with your spine and feel the movement throughout your body.

4 - Exercise of the eight

It is one of the best exercises to do when having contractions and helps the baby move into the optimal position for delivery by rotating to exit the uterine canal. Continuing to breathe, get on all fours and begin to move your pelvis in small circles, gradually widening them. Close your eyes and focus on the movement. Then slow down the movement and return to the center, checking your posture. Then draw small circles in the other direction increasing the movement slowly. Finally, try drawing an eight, small or large depending on how comfortable you are.

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