Yoga during pregnancy (VIDEO)

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It is good for the body and mind of mom and baby. To practise yoga in pregnancy it has several benefits, such as the reduction of some annoying pains related to pregnancy or the improvement of mood.

«As a physical activity it is comparable to stretching - underlines the gynecologist Rossana active in Genoa -. In addition, yoga pays particular attention to listening to the body, meditation and breathing, important elements to get in touch with the child, manage their anxieties and obtain a deep inner well-being. Knowing how to perceive the body also allows you to participate more actively in childbirth, pushing more effectively and consciously to facilitate the birth of the baby ».

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In this article we have collected some of the most viewed videos on YouTube on the subject.


Breathing, relaxation e meditation: here are some video tutorials to prepare for yoga practice during pregnancy.

Yoga in pregnancy: breathing

Yoga And Pregnancy: relaxation and guided meditation to feel your baby


Strengthening the legs and improving blood circulation are the two main goals of yoga exercises to be performed in the first three months of pregnancy. Among the most effective positions we find: the Cat, the Mountain and the Warrior.

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Yoga And Pregnancy (First Trimester): exercises to create space within us
A practice to help you "make room" for your baby and the new life that is growing within you with a focus on stretching certain areas that are stressed during pregnancy.

#NaturalmenteMamme: first trimester exercises

Isabella Fabietti, gynecologist at the Polyclinic of our city and Denise Bestetti, specialist in Motor Sciences, Sports and Health, show some exercises indicated in the first three months of pregnancy.


From the fourth to the seventh month of gestation, it is good to focus on breathing and concentration techniques to avoid excessive fatigue. Among the best positions for this period are: the Garland, the Downward Dog and the Diamond.

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Yoga And Pregnancy (Second Trimester): Relieve tension in the back and give elasticity to the pelvis

In this video tutorial by Francesca Michetti, yoga teacher in Tarifa, Andalusia, you will learn how to release tension in your back and give your pelvis elasticity.

#NaturalmenteMamme: second trimester exercises

In this video of the “Fit Mothers with ” program, Isabella Fabietti, gynecologist at the Polyclinic of our city and Denise Bestetti, specialist in Motor Sciences, Sports and Health, show some exercises indicated in this period of pregnancy.


Also inlast trimester of pregnancyWhen you are more tired and sore, practicing yoga will give you relief and resolve any mood swings.

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Yoga And Pregnancy (Third Trimester): "Fit-ball" for the pelvis, pelvic floor and hips
Opening the pelvis, pelvic floor and hips thanks to yoga with the "fit-ball" is possible and particularly useful in this phase of pregnancy.

Yoga in Pregnancy: 3rd trimester
A “gentle” lesson for women who have reached the last stage of pregnancy.


During the last month of gestation it can be particularly beneficial to perform some yoga exercises, both to relax and relieve the pains of pregnancy, and to prepare for childbirth.

Yoga: sequence for preparing for childbirth

Yoga in pregnancy, childbirth preparation


Yoga And Pregnancy: Birth Pain, How To Prepare For Pushes?

Yoga in pregnancy: exercises to do during labor


Every moment is the right one to start practicing yoga. Here are some tutorials to learn useful exercises at this particular time in a woman's life and reduce specific annoyances such as sciatica or backache.

Yoga in pregnancy
Just over 10 minutes of exercises specially designed for pregnant women.

Yoga in pregnancy: sciatica
An exercise that can reduce a very common annoyance in pregnancy.

Yoga in pregnancy: back pain
When the baby grows and the belly gets bigger, it is very common to suffer from back pain. Here is an exercise that can help reduce discomfort.


Relieve tension, improve physical appearance and recover energy. Here are the advantages of practicing yoga after pregnancy. Even just 10 minutes of exercise a day, if done right, is enough to get better.

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Postpartum Yoga - Complete Practice

The exercises proposed in this video tutorial form a complete practice path and have general beneficial effects. In particular, well-being of the spine, recovery of an adequate intestinal peristalsis, purification of the body, reduction of fat mass and drainage of excess fluids, tone and shape with specific focus on the abdominal area, buttocks and thighs.

However, it is advisable to resume the practice at least 40 days after delivery and always after obtaining a positive opinion from the gynecologist.

Yoga And Post Childbirth: how to get back in shape after pregnancy and childbirth

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