Yoga, here are all the benefits after pregnancy and childbirth

    Yoga, here are all the benefits after pregnancy and childbirth

    THEEagle, Cobbler, Bridge Locust, Warrior Candle, although picturesque, they are not the new ones Figures del Mercante in Fiera: these are some of the positions the yoga, The so-called asana, suitable for women that have given birth da little. In fact, it has long been recognized that to practise lo yoga post delivery is one of the outdoor ideal for tornare in crafts with the mind and with the body.

    And the gift moms they find themselves having to face up to a series of changes totalizing in which even the huge amount of emozioni da rework, not all positive, it doesn't help find theequilibrium upset after the birth of baby. The yoga post delivery, therefore, focuses outdoor projected to welfare total without forcing whatsoever.

    Already at from From 6 8-weeks after delivery, particularly if it wasn't a caesarean, the mole mum can choose different esercizi that help find il center of itself. It is not one practice impossible for us Western and responds to a real one need area of woman which is found in one condition physics of adjustment gradual and related pains due to maternity: times di back, stiffness legs and hip bone, shoulders contracted.

    In the former months di "vita"in fact, the neonate spends many hours in braccio to the mum (not only for thenursing); it yoga post delivery, Well away da stressing il body with positions too extreme o difficult, becomes the perfect ally to cercare e to maintain a new equilibrium physical and psychological.

    Un example dell 'importance to immediately practice such discipline it concerns the prevention andhelp concrete in the periods stressful which can often lead to post depression partum. The practice helps the mole mum a to focus. Also follow gods corsi outside casa allows, especially to those who have become mum is preferably used for before time, ad avoid theisolation and to find the contact with others people, women that have lived or are living situations analogous, interested then to share the great load emotional of which one comes invested becoming mothers. The typical ones under di fault are reworked in key positive through the possibility to put al center his own person, so natural e beneficial.

    - esercizi feasible, that is, all positions that do not go to to interfere with muscles abdominal, they can be executed daily even just for 20 30-minute. Certainly the pelvic floor will benefit from the practice, getting stronger (let's give it one anyway hand to help with better collagen, a ally for all "Fabrics of our body).

    In general, it yoga after giving birth decreases and relieves the tensions especially the back and at shoulders; improves the tone and therefore thephysical aspect; corrects la stance and strengthens arms, legs e back. Memory e concentration I'm al center area of practice and also theenergia becomes part fundamental of the asana. The body also remains rubber band while, at the level psychological, the yoga post delivery offers a great help against stress trough (always linked to delivery), Theanxiety, the pains level lumbar and times di forehead (such as headaches).

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