Yoga in pregnancy: 3 exercises to do at home

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Finding physical and mental serenity, carving out some time for your well-being. Yoga is the ideal discipline to achieve this goal and can be started at any time, even during pregnancy.

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The benefits of yoga in pregnancy

"To practise yoga in pregnancy it can reduce or solve the problems connected to this particular moment in life, such as nausea, constipation, discomfort due to water retention or alterations in mood "explains Angelo Bertuccio, certified traditional Yoga teacher, active at Yogaincontra di nostra city.


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In addition, keeping a loose and toned body is beneficial both for the gestation period and in the subsequent recovery period: "To give an example, regular practice leads to decrease la chance of having prolassi during the delivery and speeds up the tissue regeneration and recovery capacity ». The breathing techniques, then, in addition to stabilizing the mood, they are of great benefit to better deal with the delivery.

"All this is not only beneficial to the mother but also to the future child, in terms of sensory stimulation (useful for the development of the nervous system) and more: the little one feeds on what the mother eats ... with the body and with the mind! " adds the teacher.

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The risks of yoga

The word yoga has a wide spectrum of meanings: they range from the most internal practices to the most difficult sequences, which involve body positions that are sometimes difficult to maintain. "The yoga in pregnancy it must be the one that has a sweet and careful approach to the particular needs of this phase of life - continues Bertuccio -. By following the precautions of your specialist doctor and the instructions of an expert teacher there are no particular risks: only benefits! ».


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When to start

The good news is that there is no better time to start practicing yoga: the sooner the better! Obviously, first is good consult way their medical health insurance, to evaluate if the physical conditions allow this practice. “This is especially true if there are risk factors such as previous pregnancy loss or particular pathologies, such as diabetes. In these cases, at least in the first trimester, I suggest limiting yourself to basic practices such as the essential joint loosening and other simple, totally safe exercises, in addition of course to breathing control techniques and meditation ».

When to practice

The first suggestion is to take a specialized course and not to improvise. «With the tools acquired during the course it will therefore be possible to implement one's own daily routine, ideally the morning as soon as you get up is the most profitable time for practice. In the evening I suggest to regularly practice even just a few minutes of breathing techniques and joint loosening to lighten the back and relieve the joints of the lower limbs ». But let's see together some exercises suggested by the teacher.


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1. ANTI NAUSEA yoga exercise

To begin, you can rotate your ankle and knee joints, slowly back and forth, with your eyes closed: count 5 to 10 breaths per joint (you always breathe through your nose), then lie down with your legs raised supported by a wall, possibly placing a pillow under the buttocks to raise the pelvis a little. Arms extended sideways with palms up, rest in the position for 3 to 10 minutes. To exit, first move to the left side without lifting your head for at least 30 seconds. The practice helps in the presence of nausea by decreasing the pressure of the internal organs on the valves of the stomach.

2. Yoga Exercise FOR THE SPINE

Yoga Exercise FOR THE SPINE. With the soles of the feet together with the knees open laterally, place the hands on the knees, inhale by opening the chest and raising the chin as if to stretch upwards and forwards. Exhale closing the chin towards the breastbone going backwards with the trunk, as if closing in a hedgehog. Do 10 to 30 slow movements this way.

3. Yoga exercise TO RELIEVE TENSIONS

Lie on your back with your heels near your buttocks, raise your pelvis and place a thick pillow (or yoga brick) under your lumbosacral region. With arms open to the side, relax in the position for 1 to 3 minutes. Come out of the position slowly by hugging your legs to your chest for a few seconds. This practice favors the work of the kidneys, keeps the spine loose and relieves tensions in the pelvis.

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