Yoga in pregnancy, the positions in the third trimester

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At the end of your pregnancy, it can be very helpful to practice it yoga to solve some problems, such as pain due to water retention and mood changes. If you train your body, then, you will have fewer problems during the labor and delivery and in the post-partum phase, the body will have less problems returning to its previous form.

Although there are no particular contraindications to the practice of yoga during pregnancy, it is always necessary to ask for the consent of your gynecologist before starting the practice.

Barbara Woehler, Master in Yoga Studies active at the Yoga Study Center of the city, explained to us what the positions for the third trimester of pregnancy, exercises that we have also explained thanks to the indications given in the book "Pregnancy wellness yoga" by Tara Lee and Mary Attwood.


«In the last three months of pregnancy women can repeat all the sequences indicated for the first and second trimester. In this phase, it is better to indulge your body and your sensations, but always without exaggerating ».

Avoid forcing or creating tension on the abdomen, as well as performing inverted positions. «The open positions towards the birth not only of the baby, but also of the woman as a mother. The practice is not only physical, but above all mental ».

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1. Pavanmutāsana

First lie down with your hands resting on your knees bent, open and feet raised, observe your breathing for a few minutes. "In this way we create relaxation in the lumbar area".

Then place your feet on the ground, with your legs a little apart and your hands on the abdomen in order to become aware of the spontaneous breathing.

2. The Butterfly (Baddha koṇāsana)

It is a sitting position which acts mainly on the legs, pelvis and pelvic area. «It relaxes and stretches the muscles and develops the flexibility of the hips, a very important element for childbirth».

Sit on the mat and bring the soles of your feet together by opening your knees and placing your hands on the backs of your feet with your back straight. Stay in this position for five breaths.

3. The sitting position at an angle (Upaviṣṭha koṇāsana)

It is always an open position to exercise the body at birth. Sit on the mat with your torso vertical: raise and spread your legs at an angle of approximately 90 degrees. Press your hands to the ground from behind your back and take a deep breath, never forcing.

4. The Tree (Eka pada pranamāsana)

«A position that facilitates concentration, balance and clarity of the mind. In addition, it strengthens the legs and ankles and helps in case of sciatica »reads the manual dedicated to yoga during pregnancy. To be avoided if you suffer from groin pain.

Lean against a wall or chair and shift your weight onto your left foot, which points straight ahead. Press on all toes and don't swing your foot. Lift the right leg, placing the foot on the left thigh and opening the knee outwards without rotating the hips.

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When you are balanced, join the palms of your hands and lift them up by opening your arms as they extend into a “V” making sure to always keep your shoulders down, away from your ears.

Relax and focus on a point in front of you, keeping your breath fluid. Hold the position for three breaths and then lower your foot. Repeat the exercise with the other leg.

5. Savāsana

Finish the exercises with a resting position. Lie on your back on the mat with your legs bent or turn to the side with one knee bent forward and arm stretched under your head. Stay like this for a few minutes as you feel your breathing and heart rate slow down. Focus on your breathing and clear your mind.

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