Yoga wheel in pregnancy, exercises

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Practicing yoga in pregnancy has many benefits for mom and baby. First of all, it promotes the reduction of some annoying pains related to gestation and the improvement of mood. Furthermore, this discipline allows you to develop greater attention to listening to the body, to meditation and to breathing, important elements for getting in touch with the child and for lowering stress levels. 

For this reason we asked a Ilaria Cellura, who is an acupuncturist, yoga instructor and naturopath, to illustrate some yoga wheel exercises in three video lessons. Through the yoga practice applied to this method it is possible to find a correct posture and improve breathing. The yoga wheel will be very useful especially during the birth phase, to feel the breath and the pelvic floor. 

We remind you that before starting any activity it is advisable to carry out one medical examination to accept the general state of health and it would be useful to perform the exercises with the supervision by a professional.

Yoga wheel, what is it

The yoga wheel is a support wheel used during yoga practices. The wheel is made of wood or made of other rather resistant material. It adapts to different needs related to the exercises.

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Yoga wheel in pregnancy, first trimester

Here are some yoga wheel exercises, based on inhalation and exhalation, to be performed in the first trimester of pregnancy. Good lesson!

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Yoga wheel in pregnancy, second trimester

You entered the second quarter! In the video you will find yoga wheel exercises suitable for you and your child. 

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Yoga wheel in pregnancy, third trimester

Have you reached the third trimester and are close to giving birth? Here are some yoga wheel exercises to do with your baby bump in recent months. 

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The expert: Ilaria Cellura

MYW ® Creator
YogArmonY ® Creator
AntiGravity®Fitness e Yoga instructor 
Pilates trainer RYT200 Yoga 
Graduated in Traditional Chinese Medicine

«I obtained a certification as an Aerobics instructor in 1998 and I taught for 8 years in many gyms in Monza and the surrounding area. In order to have a better foundation on human anatomy and biomechanics, I obtained a certification as a Pilates and postural gymnastics instructor in 2022. In 2005 I certify myself as an AntiGravity® Fitness and Yoga instructor in practically all variants.
After having collaborated for years with yoga studios (in 2022 I obtained the 200h r instructor certification with Yoga Alliance) and postural gymnastics centers, also at Virgin® and Hard Candy, in 2022 I opened a sports association in collaboration with my colleague and friend Manuela Badessi, in the center of Palma de Mallorca: Fly High Mallorca.
Since 2022 I have specialized in the use of the Yoga Wheel by developing a program based on the work of the myofascia. The MYW (Myofascial Yoga Wheel) program is a real innovation in the use of the yoga wheel and in the improvement of posturality. In 2022 I will develop a hybrid technique between yoga and dance: YogArmony: workshops and courses will begin shortly throughout the country ». Official site: 
Sito myofascial Yoga Wheel: Instagram: @flyhighAG
Facebook: FlyHighAG

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